Ngaio Fitzpatrick is an artist, Visiting Fellow with the ANU Climate Change Institute and recipient of a 2018 Australia Awards Endeavour Fellowship for four months in Berlin. 

Fitzpatrick’s interdisciplinary arts practice encompasses site specific installation, performance, video and recently, collaborative experimental music interactions in real time. With a background in environmentally sustainable architecture and building informing her practice, she is particularly interested in ways in which art can be used to draw attention to the human disconnection from Earth within the context of climate change

 ‘We live in a Post-Truth and now indisputably warming world. Science gives us hard data, politicians procrastinate and economists advocate infinite fiscal growth, all within a planet of finite resources and finely balanced ecosystems. Artists are the new philosophers and have the rare ability to work independently of vested interests drawing attention to one of the greatest existential threats of our time using a variety of languages, methods and materials’.

Ngaio Fitzpatrick, 2018

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